Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He's moved!

He isn't here at the moment. We're just minding some of this stuff that he has all parcelled up to move to the new blogger page.

We can't understand why he's moving at all, but who can understand humans anyway?

But he asked us to mention to anyone dropping in (he thinks we can talk too!) that he's working hard moving all the stuff from the old blog to the new one. Said something about the new one being easier because of something called elements.

Anyway, give him a few days to get everything sorted and he'll be back waffling about his time as a kitty... oops that should be a human kid.

Oh yeh, and he said the web address will remain the same.

He left a game for you humans to play with, it's at the bottom. Nothing for us though!

Anyone got a bit o' fish or something to donate to us minders? The parcels are comfortable to sleep on but no good for eating.... we tried.

Bye for now. (Right gang, lets see whats in that big square one... )

1 comment:

Jaya said...

I've got some tuna here, and I'd be happy to give you Irish kitties some... if you can get over here to New Mexico before one of my 9 cats polishes it off!