Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dublin. My Fair City

And so after a long break from posting I move on.

I have a lot of stories to tell yet, so many that this blog will never end so please stay with me and share in my memories. You might laugh with me, be shocked by things I have yet to tell you about, you may even be very surprised by some of my memories, particularly if you happen to know me personally.

So far I think I have painted in part a city of want... a city of hard times. And indeed it was exactly like that for many of us just as I tell it.

But for those who have never actually seen or been in my city I want to show that it's a beautiful city. (But then I'm biased.) It's a vibrant city that never (or seldom ever) sleeps. A city where the ancient past and the modern can be seen and experienced side by side -- a city of beauty and one steeped in history.

Dublin has moved on quite a bit since the time Im writing this blog about. And to give you some idea of what she looks and sounds like I've embedded a video clip below. The musicical backing is by Dublin band U2.

Now you can get a taste of Dublin city as she is today! This video clip shows a range of the sights to be enjoyed in and around the city of Dublin. If you're looking for the ancient and modern, a lively city with a vibrant nightlife, a glimpse of an ancient civilisation, a cultural feast, a musical odyssey, stunning scenery, and a spectacular coastline - Dublin has all of this... and more!

Take a look for yourself!


I'll be back soon with more stories, and maybe I'll show you yet more of my city as I have above.

Thank you for your loyalty.... and for your interest in the stories of a young Dublin gurrier.