Sunday, July 02, 2006

Remembering today.......

Our Ma who went to her reward on this day. 2nd July 1979 Aged 52 years..

On the wings of a memory we see a vision of you there,with a smile in your eyes, heaven's light in your hair.

We feel your presence on the wind we smell you on the rain,

And the memory of your laughter eases all pain.

To see that wonderful little grin on your face,

To have your smile light up even the darkest place.

If it were possible, we'd pray you back home with the dawn,

But Ma, on the wings of our memories you're not really gone.


Ma. You fought the brave fight and were valiant.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for being our Ma.

Remembering you today, Ma... and for always.

Jim ~ Tony ~ Marie ~ Chris ~ Ellen ~ Paul


Mies said...

Your Mom was so young when she passed. That had to be especially hard. Nice poem, made me think of my own Mom and how much I miss her...Thank you for sharing this day with us....

amanda said...

jim you are a wonderful son to her still... she is never gone for she lives on in the heart of her family and just know she is looking down and smiling at her wonderful kids.... i bet your mom and dad are celebrating the love you just sent up... you show such respect for your mother and father....

Mar said...

Hi, Jim. Sons and daughters are usually the reflect of what they saw and lived at home, so your mother (and father) must have been a wonderful person. Congratulations and see you soon

Monsoon said...


That is a most beautiful poem to honour your ma with. She can be proud of her son!

I like your writings, and I will surely be back.

Lived in Ireland for two years, in Celbridge. Spent an awful amount of hours in fantastic Dublin as well. My favourite city of all.
I really miss it I do!! The atmosphere and its people, make it a special place to be.

Hugs and greetings from Norway

Monsoon :-)

Anonymous said...
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